Dippy in Tour

Renaissance Creative were proud work on the 'Becoming Birds' exhibition on behalf of Birmingham Museum. Created to accompany and compliment the installation of the national touring ''Dippy on Tour exhibition, this 500 metre sq. exhibition comprised of two 25 metre walls, a shop, a seating area and interactive resource areas, all of which needed designing and branding.

Design Concepts

Helping to visualise such a large space can be difficult and prove subjective. Renaissance are able to create 3D visuals in photoshop to help initial ideas come to life.


With over 324 metres sq. of wall coverage to contend with, Renaissance was able to create a striking design utilising graphic shapes and negative space that proved sympathetic to the Dippy on Tour exhibition. The exhibition was extremely well received from the museum, press and public alike.


Renaissance Creative were on hand to manage, co-ordinate and help with the two day installation, including full wall vinyls, foamex panels, interpretation signage and vinyl wraps.

Shop Area

Renaissance designed, branded and installed shop graphics to compliment the rest of the exhibition.

  Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust